Accused Burglar Arrested For Second Time

Corban Elmore had just bonded out of jail a few days ago, but is now behind bars again.

Police arrested him Tuesday because he reportedly sold a laptop that was stolen from a home near Austin Bluffs and Beverly.

When the person he sold it to tried to pawn it, a red flag popped up, and it lead police to Corban Elmore.

Elmore is now being charged with burglarizing Brian’s home, but is being charged with knowingly being in possession of a stolen laptop. Police say that means they can’t prove he stole it, but that he knew it was stolen when he sold it. Investigators say the charges have similar consequences.

Now that stolen laptop is back with the owner.

We spoke with Brian Beerer. He says that his computer and two guns were stolen from his home in October.

He tells us he’s been anxiously waiting to see if he would get his stuff back.

“I was actually pretty happy about it because I figured I was never going to see the items again and had already written them all off. So I was pretty happy when the detective called and said they recovered my laptop,” said Beerer.

Brian Beerer encourages other people to keep track of their serial numbers on their electronics and guns.

He says if he hadn’t, he probably would have never gotten his stuff back. Advice we have heard from police several times before.

You may remember in an 11 News investigation we first told you about Corban Elmore a few weeks ago.

His car was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera after he reportedly broke into a home in the northeast side of the Colorado Springs.

The suspect will be in court Wednesday to hear the new charges against him.

Police say the investigation continues but they expect that even more burglary cases will be solved.