Snow Causes Serious Accidents In Southern Colorado

Saturday’s snow storm caused dozens and dozens of crashes in Southern Colorado, from fender benders to rollovers.

It was especially scary for drivers traveling from Fountain South to Pueblo on I-25.

11 News Reporter Kendra Potter drove that stretch of road and agrees with drivers she talked to; it was one of the worst she’s seen.

"That was the scariest drive I've ever been in,” said Katie.

For many drivers it felt like a nightmare. Everywhere you looked another accident, another crash, another car off the road.

"There had to have been 50 to 60 cars on the side of the road, bad looking wrecks,” said driver Eric.

The crashes seemed to never stop. But traffic did, it was stop and go, bumper to bumper, as the accidents seemingly got worse and worse.

“I felt a lot of anxiety, pretty stressed out. I had to take a couple breaths, close my eyes,” said passenger Carli.

While carefully passing each wreck, you also had to move over to let emergency crews by.

“You just hear the sirens behind you and they can’t get through, it was so scary. You don’t know where the sirens are coming from,” said Carli and Katie.

Not only were the roads icy, but you couldn’t see with the strong winds blowing snow.

“It's scary because it went from one second it was fine to the next second you couldn't see,” said Katie.

“You had to just roll. Because you couldn't see, it was a whiteout. You could just see the car in front of us, and that was about it,” said Demita.

Others drivers couldn’t even attempt the dangerous conditions.

The interstate was shut down at Fountain. A line of cars formed, waiting for hours to get back on the road.

“I haven't been home in about a week and I'm so anxious to get home,” said drive Dianne.

"We're thinking we might end up in a hotel tonight,” said driver Debby.

While the weather spoiled travel plans, most drivers we talked to were just thankful they weren’t stuck on the side of the road, and were praying for those who were.

“You just know that car could have been you,” said Katie.

“It could happen to anyone, you just have to be very careful,” said Demita.