Abeyta Family Weighs In On Rescued Women

Photo composite of what Christopher Abeyta may look like today. (Credit: National Center For Missing and Exploited Children)
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A Colorado Springs mom has new hope that she will be reunited with her missing child someday. This after three women were found alive in Cleveland after disappearing years ago.

Bernice Abeyta has never given up hope that her son Christopher will be found alive.

She tells 11 News she feels a connection to those families in Ohio because they spent years searching for their missing children.

"Very happy that these people were able to endure who knows what and be able to come back to their families," said Bernice Abeyta.

Abeyta believes her son is still alive. The family says he was kidnapped from his crib in their home nearly three decades ago.

Abeyta tells 11 News she has been glued to the coverage of the three women found in Cleveland.

"When you see these people survive what they went through, you know that your son could have survived what he had to go through," said Abeyta.

Despite her excitement for those families, she tells 11 News her heart is also breaking since Amanda Berry's mom died several years ago, and never got to see her daughter come home.

"That poor mom, she worked so hard at trying to find her child and she didn't get there," said Abeyta.

11 News also reached out to the family of Dylan Redwine, the Monument boy who vanished last November while visiting his dad near Durango.

His aunt tells 11 News that the incredible story about the three women in Cleveland gives her hope as well that Dylan is still out there.