Abello's Roofing Helps Green Life Exteriors' Customers

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For months now Our 11 Call for Action team has been investigating claims against the company, Green Life Exteriors and its owner, Bill Bowen. The company's accused of being paid for new roofs, taking the money, but then never doing the work.

Bowen allegedly has left scores of homeowners in the lurch. Terri Roney told me she paid the company $2,300 months ago. Terri says, "I still need a new roof. I got nothing."

Many were angered when they heard about Bowen's criminal record, having served four years in a Virginia prison for conspiracy and mail fraud.
Bowen's Web site also claims he served in the U.S. Marine Corps, even though military officials tell me they can't find any record of Bowen ever having serving in the Marines.

After hearing all of this, Pete Eaglin with Abello's Roofing called me, asking to help Bowen's customers.

Pete said, "It was just a great opportunity to just give back to the community."

Now, Terri Roney has a new roof thanks to Tim Abello and his crew.

Tim says, "If we could change the way Colorado Springs feels about roofing companies, just one roof at a time, then it worth doing it."

Now Tim's reaching out to all those who claim to have been scammed by Green Life Exteriors. He's hoping to erase what he believes is a smear against the roofing industry.

Call For Action will keep you posted about Bill Bowen and the felony theft charges against him. In the meantime, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department will hold another hearing on November 17th. This time to look at revoking Green Life Exterior's license.