A Change Is Coming To KKTV.com

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KKTV 11 News is excited to announce the pending redesign of our award-winning website, KKTV.com.

Our new design is built with HTML 5, the current gold standard for web development. Rebuilding our site with HTML 5 will ensure ongoing compatibility with both PCs and mobile devices.

We're also going to take this opportunity make some changes that highlight our local content. When the new design launches, you'll see a significantly larger weather box on the home page and up-to-date weather conditions across the top of almost every page. We'll also be updating the navigation to make our most popular sections more accessible.

If you're looking for our latest local news coverage, you'll find it organized in a new tab box on the home page. Our top headlines, top videos and a new, advanced search function will all be available there.

For those readers who have something to say, our redesigned website will transition to a robust commenting system provided by Disqus. Visitors will be able to connect their thoughts to their favorite social media accounts.

The biggest update will appear on mobile devices. Instead of sending our mobile visitors to a different address, the use of HTML 5 allows us to display a special layout to users with smaller screens. The mobile layout will allow users to expand only the sections they want to see and will load quickly, even over cellular networks.

All this will be launched on Monday, May 7.

If you have any feedback after the new design launches, do not hesitate to let us know. Our Director of New Media, Phil Tenser, will personally review any suggestions or comments sent to ptenser@kktv.com. Please include "KKTV.com" in the subject line.

A preview of the top of the new home page, featuring tab boxes with the latest news and weather.