Man Believes Fake Bill Came From ATM

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A Colorado Springs man is warning everyone to pay close attention when you get money out of the ATM.

Justin Hays says he got a counterfeit $20 bill from the Wells Fargo ATM at Platte and Circle over the weekend.

"Just really frustrated. You would never come to a bank expecting to get fake money," said Hays.

He tells 11 News he assumed it was real because it came from the bank. He didn't realize it was a fake until he tried to use the money to buy something at a store.

"They took all my 20s, laid them out flat, and swiped the marker across it and one of them definitely stood out as fake," said Hays. "I just want people to know that this is a possibility."

Hays says he called Wells Fargo and they told him they couldn't do anything.

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo tells 11 News they will swap out the fake $20 bill for Hays. Generally, there's nothing they can do. The spokesperson says it's a tough situation, and it's hard for them to determine if the fake money actually came from their ATM.