AFA Airmen Volunteer For Flood Mitigation Work

Instead of spending the day in the sky, Airforce Academy Airmen rolled up their sleeves and did some volunteer work on the ground.

With shovels and rakes in hand, fourteen Airmen participated in flood mitigation work on the Waldo Canyon burn scar. The Airmen worked alongside members of the Rocky Mountain Field Institute. The project focuses on preventing erosion near the headwaters of William's Canyon.

"We're volunteering out here and we're out here helping the community that always come out to help us,” said Senior Airmen Harris.

“We’re using wood structures to help slow down water as it moves down the slope and it also will break up the flow so it doesn't rush too quickly into our drainages,” explained Andrea Hassler with the Rocky Mountain Field Institute.

The Rocky Mountain Field Institute says they’re in need for additional volunteers to help with this project.