A Family Begs A School District To Allow Teen To Finish School

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The Tran family is fighting for their 17 year old son, Brandon, to be allowed to finish his senior year at Falcon High School.
He has been friends with the students there for quite some time, but Brandon has Leukodystrophy a degenerative disease that's terminal.
His parents tell 11 News he was a normal child until the age of four. His mother Teako says she can remember thinking something was wrong when he started tripping over his own two feet.
She took him to the hospital where they weren't able diagnose him at first.
Doctors later discovered he had Leukodystrophy. The disease has slowly taken away his movement and communication.
Recently his Falcon High School teachers started to feel they couldn't care for him safely.
Last week they had a scare when his oxygen levels were low and they had to call an ambulance.
The school and his parents had three different meetings that resulted in half days at school and then they decided he should be home-bound.
His parents say they understand the difficulty in caring for him. They say he loves school and they want him to graduate with his classmates.
He may not be able to talk or move, but they believe he still has the ability to love, listen and feel. They aren't sure how long Brandon will live, but think school is all he has left.
The Trans are requesting District 49 to get creative instead of making him a home-bound student.
Brandon's parents aren't the only ones who want to see him finish out the school year, his therapists have written letters to the school on his behalf as well.
The District and the Trans will meet on Thursday. 11 News will let you know the outcome of that meeting.