Child Approached By A Stranger In Woodland Park

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Woodland Park police are asking you to be vigilant after a luring incident.

Sunday just before noon, an 8-year-old boy was outside in his neighborhood near Forest Edge Circle, when he was approached by a stranger.

According to police, the man opened his passenger door and told the boy to get in.

The child said no and ran to a neighbor's house for help.

11 News spoke to the the boy's mother, who tells us her son was scared when it happened but is doing just fine now.

She says her son took a Kidpower class and believes that was what helped her son know what to do. She said she would suggest all parents enroll their child in at least one Kidpower class where they can learn safety techniques when it comes to dealing with strangers.

The executive director of Kidpower is happy to know the boy is alright and that the class was helpful. She says the most important lesson kids can learn is how to get away from a dangerous situation like that one.

Neighbors tell 11 News they are stunned over the abduction attempt.

"I think it's crazy...Woodland Park is one of the safest areas you ever hear about. My little brother walks to and from school with his friends hanging out around the town all the time. It's really scary that could happen in this little town," Heather Hardcastle said.

Police say they are going to begin to patrol the area and keep an eye out.

The suspect has been described as a white man with short hair. He was wearing a dark colored beanie cap and a a black shirt with a white skull on the front. He also had a full beard that touched his chest. According to police, he has an accent and a deep voice.

As for his vehicle, police are on the lookout for a blue jeep with a large rack on the roof.

If you think you can help Woodland Park police in their investigation, call 719-687-9262.