Roof Repair Delay

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Hailstorms did an estimated $28 million in damage in Colorado Springs this summer.

Insurance companies are paying out 3,400 claims locally, mostly for roof repair. After the work is done it must be approved by a building inspector. With the current volume of requests, homeowners are waiting weeks for the inspections.

The inspections are important because, "the inspector is looking for the number of nails in a shingle, the flashing, the underlayment everything they are looking for all those things that have to meet code," says Dave Creech of DMC Construction.

Homeowners are currently waiting up 4-5 weeks for an inspection. It's a problem Leslie Gruen with Regional Building says they are working long hours to remedy, "what were going do now is go to Saturdays and have our inspectors working full time."

Gruen says they expect to completely caught up on inspections by the end of September.