Bomb Squad Detonates Box of Explosives Dropped off To Police Station

Colorado Springs Police Operations Center on Nevada Avenue was closed for hours Friday morning while a bomb squad picked up an explosive package that was dropped off by a Springs man.

Police tell 11 News that a citizen brought a box to the POC at 705 South Nevada in Colorado Springs containing about 400 old blasting caps and a small explosive device that were 30 to 40 years old. He reportedly found all of it while cleaning a friend's house in Golden. Blasting caps are used to detonate larger explosives.

Because of the age of the explosives, police asked the man to leave them in the parking lot. The area was cleared and then the bomb squad used a robot to pick up the box and move it safely to a specialized trailer. The trailer is designed to transport unstable explosive devices that could go off unexpectedly.

"They moved the explosives using a bucket and the robot into the trailer and then they transported the explosives away from here to a remote site, where they can detonate them and render them safe," said Sgt. Darrin Abbink with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Rio Grande was closed from Nevada to Weber but has since reopened. The POC also remained closed while the package was picked up and disposed of.

Police want to remind folks that explosives should only be handled by trained experts. If you come across any, you're asked to call police before trying to move them on your own.

Police say they do not foresee any criminal charges being brought against the man who brought the package to the police, as they do not believe anything criminal occurred.