New Utilities Company for Fountain

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The city of Fountain is planning to disconnect from Colorado Springs Utilities as of next summer. Then, the city will begin buying it's electricity from an out of state company.

Fountain city coucil made the decision to switch carriers this week. They say they chose the Nebraska based Municipal Energy Agency because it offers a cheaper power source.

The move will affect about 16,000 customers in Foutain, Security and Widefield. Fountain Utility Director Larry Patterson says of the move , "we're of course looking out for the best interest of our customers. This is just a business deal with the best bottome line results for us."

With the price of power skyrocketing across the nation, Fountain residents will still see an increase in their electric bills even with the move. But, with the Nebraska company the jump will not be as much.

Both Colorado Springs Utiilies and the Nebraska company put in bids for Fountain's contract. Under the proposall Nebraska submitted, Fountain should save about $4 million over a five year period compared to CSU's proposal.

And Patterson says, customers don't have to worry about the quality of their new power source, "our customers should not see a difference in the dilivery of the product. "

A spokesperson for Springs Utilities says losing the contract could benefit Springs customers in the long run because it will reduce demand on the system and may delay the need to add more generating stations.