Last-Minute Hearing

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A last-minute hearing in Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case became somewhat heated Thursday when a district judge asked prosecutors why they waited until just before trial to challenge evidence.

District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said he should deny the challenge to DNA evidence because it could delay the trial, but he gave prosecutors until Tuesday to explain their objections more completely.

Prosecutor Dana Easter says test results from laboratories hired by Bryant's attorneys indicated there was contamination in control samples intended to ensure accurate testing.

A defense expert testified during a June hearing that the evidence suggests the alleged victim had sex with another man soon after her encounter with Bryant.

Jury selection in Bryant's trial is scheduled to begin on Friday.

Bryant, who turned 26 on Monday, has pleaded innocent to felony sexual assault. He claims he had consensual sex with an employee of the Vail-area resort where he was a guest last year.

The woman is now 20 years old, but no longer works there.

Bryant faces four years to life in prison, or 20 years to life on probation, and a fine of up to $750,000 dollars if convicted.