Amazing Recovery

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A newlywed who survived a deadly crash on Interstate 15 in Utah almost three months ago is out of a California hospital.

Josh and Tara Berendes had been married just ten days and were in the process of moving to Littleton June 1st, when another car crossed into their lane of I-15. Twenty-eight-year-old Thad Goodman of Taylorsville, Utah was killed.

Twenty-year-old Tara Berendes remained in a coma for weeks, and was transferred to a California hospital. She was released Monday after a remarkable recovery.

Berendes has some short-term memory loss and doesn't remember her wedding or college graduation, but does know people around her. She wear a special pressure mask around her head for the next nine months while burns on her forehead heal.

Tara Berendes had graduated from Lakewood's Colorado Christian University just before the crash, and was planning to pursue a master's degree in psychology.

Twenty-three-year-old Josh Berendes had been a youth pastor at Summit Community Church in Highlands Ranch. He was injured in the
crash, but recovered.

The two met and were married in Los Gatos, California. They have returned to their home state, suspending plans to move to Colorado
while Tara Berendes recovers.