Questionable Doctors

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Physicians in Colorado are being watched closer than ever now. A new website is hitting the internet that makes a doctor's record public. But the information may be misleading and could give good doctors a bad name.

The website is from a consumer advocate group called Public Citizen. It is meant to make your search for a doctor safer. Under the Colorado listings, there are more than 600 doctors listed that have been cited for misconduct by the state or by another agency like the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The downside of this website is that you must pay for the actual details about each doctor, and the information you get is very vague. In fact, members of the El Paso County Medical Society say that makes this website very questionable.

For example, 11 News found one doctor who is on the list who is currently practicing in Colorado Springs. He says he surrendered his narcotics license to the DEA after prescribing medication to his wife for a pre-existing condition. His actions were unethical, but not illegal. And now his name shows up on this website three times. Every hit is connected to that one citation. And this could ultimately cost him new patients. The El Paso County Medical Society says that's unfortunate because if the board thought the doctor was unfit to practice it would have pulled his license.

The following website is by the group Public Citizen:

Questionable Doctors website

The following website also has information on complaints filed against doctors in the state:

Colorado Board of Medical Examiners Website