Former ER Nurse Sentenced

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A former emergency room nurse at Fort Carson's Evans Army Hospital will spend 5 years in federal prison and must pay $9,000 restitution for tampering with pain medication meant for patients.

Court documents show 41-year-old Ivan Segura gained access to Morphine and Demoral at least 300 times between June of 2002 and January of last year. Investigators say he would transfer the narcotics into his own syringe, inject himself, then refill the original syringe with saline, Nubain, or Phenergen. Then, he would return the vial it to the emergency room. The refilled syringes were later used to treat emergency room patients who needed pain medication.

"The conduct of the defendant in this case is reprehensible," United States Attorney John Suthers said. "A registered nurse's first and foremost responsibility is to the patient. In this case, a large number of patients in need of pain relief received none, all because of the criminal actions and addiction of the defendant."

“We appreciate the fine work of the investigators which resulted in the successful prosecution of Ivan Segura," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Phillip B.J. Reid. "This is a fine example of a positive result obtained through working with our law enforcement partners. Special thanks to the Food and Drug Administration and the Army's Criminal Investigation Division for their hard work on this investigation."

Segura pled guilty to the charges on January 7th.