CSAP Reading Score Released; Score Down Statewide

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CSAP reading scores for 3rd graders were released Tuesday and there is concern in Southern Colorado. Scores in all but one district in our area dropped.

Scores are actually down all across the state, by three points from last year.

"We were disappointed. We know we have a lot of work ahead," said Janeen Demi-Smith, Director of Assessment for District 11. Their scores fell by 6 points, from 75-percent of kids being proficient to only 69-percent.

The only area district to not see a decrease was District 20, they were flat at 86-percent.

"The state dropped and ours stayed the same. We feel good about the consistency of our learning, the kids are doing a good job,” said Todd Morse, Assessment Director for District 20.

Peyton saw the biggest drop, from 91-percent proficient to 61-percent. Ellicott was close behind at 26 points.

Now all the districts will now start looking at the data, looking for trends and weak spots to try and figure out why scores were so low. "Was there something different about the test this year? Was a different standard emphasized then in years past," Demi-Smith said.

While administrators are concerned, some parents aren't too worried. Tonja Weber has a 3rd grader at a D-11 school. "Some kids just don't test well, it’s just a lot of pressure,” Weber said.

The results released Tuesday only represent 4-percent of CSAP results. The rest will be released in late summer.

Here’s a look at how districts did in our area.

District 2009 2010 Change
Academy 20 86 86 0
Cheyenne Mountain 12 93 92 (1)
Colorado Springs 11 75 69 (6)
Ellicott 22 73 47 (26)
Falcon 49 79 76 (3)
Fountain 8 78 71 (7)
Harrison 2 69 65 (4)
Lewis Palmer 38 89 83 (6)
Manitou Springs 14 86 81 (5)
Peyton 23 JT 91 61 (30)
Pueblo 60 78 72 (6)
Widefiled 3 74 69 (5)
Woodland Park 80 76 (4)
Colorado 73 70 (3)