Possible Bomb Investigation

The bomb squad is called out to investigate two suspicious devices in Colorado Springs Thursday. And they were found in to totally different parts of town.

Around 3:45pm police were called to investigate a suspicious backpack inside the WalMart in the 3200 block of east Platte. Authorities evacuated the building while the bomb squad investigated. They say a man walked into the store to shop and left his backpack near the front door while he looked around. Someone noticed flashing lights inside the bag, prompting workers to call police.

Officers detained the man. He explained what had happened, and the investigators found nothing inside the backpack.

The man will likely not face charges.

The second incident, in the 500 block of east Caramillo Street near Corona, a van owner came out to do what he says was routine maintenance on his vehicle, and noticed a strange device underneath it. He called his neighbor out to look at it, and the neighbor said it looked to him to be a pipe bomb.

The bomb squad confirmed the device under the van was a pipe bomb. And authorities decided to remove the van from the neighborhood to either detonate or remove the device while keeping residents safe.

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is investigating the bomb and who may have put it there.