Alarming Results From D-60 Student Survey

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It's an intriguing look inside one of southern Colorado's public school districts. A survey of high school students in Pueblo school district 60 shows some disturbing trends, especially when it comes to guns and drugs.

The survey was given to students between 9th and 12th grades last November. The results were not compiles and released until just recently. It cost the district some $12,000 in federal grant money to conduct the survey, but if the results yield solutions it will have been worth every penny.

More than a thousand students responded to the survey. Of those, 9 percent say they have brought a hand gun to school on at least one occasion. In another trend, 28 percent admitted to being high or drunk at school at least once.

Administrators for district 60 say the numbers are a starting point from which to work on these problems. Still, they're not yet sure what sorts of programs to implement in order to deal with the problems. D-60 leaders say they want to avoid overacting to the results or politicians using the numbers to justify a particular stand.

District 60 officials say they now plan to look at other districts in Colorado to see how their numbers compare. And they say, while 9 percent of students said they had brought a gun to school, they have not found a gun on a student in the district in the past year.