Pikes Peak or Bust!

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Scenes from the wild, wild, west in modern day Colorado Springs. The 64th Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade took over the downtown streets on Wednesday. Hundreds of people lined up to watch the event, which kicks off the big rodeo at the World Arena.

The rodeo itself runs through the weekend with all the usual attractions---ridin’, ropin’ and wranglin’. But the parade featured sounds of freedom, as the rodeo offered a salute to our men and women in the military.

"I think it's great. We thank them every day and we pray for our boys that are overseas now, everyday. We just think it's great that they're honoring them here." Vivian Martinez and her husband, Lonni, have been bringing their daughter. Cindy, to the parade since she was three years old. Now she's all grown up and still showing her support.

And over the years, the Martinez family has watched as downtown Colorado Springs and the parade route have evolved. "We used to be able to sit in the window of the post office and watch the parade go down from Nevada," says Cindy Murphy.

The message and tradition of this parade continues strong throughout the decades. "Oh, it's a privilege, a privilege. Especially being from Colorado Springs and having the different air bases and Fort Carson, and things like that. It's an honor to be here and pay tribute to them," says Katie Seitz.

So this event proudly lives on through our next generations, who, some day, will perhaps start traditions of their own. "I've been here since I was three, and I'm just here to see the parade and support the military," says Murphy.

The rodeo begins Wednesday night and continues through the weekend at the World Arena.
For more information, call 635-3547.