Prosecutors Ask for Continuance

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Prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case have filed a motion for continuance in his trial scheduled for later this month.

CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen said during an interview provided to KOA Radio in Denver that officials are blaming District Judge Terry Ruckriegle for the request, because of what they call his failure to make certain rulings in a timely fashion. Prosecutors say they aren't adequately prepared for the trial because Ruckriegle hasn't done his job.

Bryant's 20-year-old alleged victim filed a civil lawsuit against him in Denver federal court Tuesday. Jury selection in the criminal trial was scheduled to start August 27th.

Meantime, attorneys for 12 news organizations have asked the judge to publicly release the star's statements to investigators, saying there appears to be no reason to keep them sealed.

The attorneys say the statements should become part of the public record following District Judge Terry Ruckriegle's ruling to admit them as evidence. In that ruling, Ruckriegle said Bryant became emotional during the interview and “was occasionally crying.”

Bryant was interviewed for more than an hour by two Eagle County sheriff's deputies the night after the alleged attack last summer. A sheriff's deputy captured the entire interview with a tape recorder in his shirt pocket.