Storm Aftermath

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Pueblo West was hit hard by Monday night's severe weather. People who live there are just beginning to clean up from the damage.

One day later, and hailstones are still piled up on the floor in the basement of the Boies house. No one was home when the storm hit. So the family came home to a big surprise. "We found a pile of hail in her room and the entire downstairs was covered in water. I was in over my ankles in water," said Kristyl Boies.

Clean clothes in the laundry room are now dirty. The bathroom has a layer of mud on the floor. A muddy line around the toilet bowl shows how high the water rose in their basement. It came in through a broken window well. “The water drained into it. Filled it up and put too much pressure on the glass. The glass caved in and flooded into the basement of our house," says Tim Boies.

A few weeks ago, a drainage problem outside caused a flood in their oldest daughter's bedroom. All of her belongings were temporarily put in the hallway. Now, her things are ruined.

In the family room, the Boies lost more things, like their electronic equipment. "The worst part is we lost some things we can't replace, like baby pictures and things like that," says Kristyl.

"It's so surreal. You can't be mad. You just keep laughing. Every time I walk on the carpet and hear noise, I chuckle because it's surreal. I'm in a bad dream," says Tim.

The family does have insurance. "We keep talking to our insurance companies and our property manager. We'll haul everything into the garage and start over," says Kristyl. As of Tuesday afternoon, the couple was still waiting for an insurance agent to assess the damage.