Bear Shooting

A bear cub is dead after it apparently charged a group of kids in the northeast part of Colorado Springs. Police shot and killed the bear in a field off of Research Parkway, west of Summerset Drive this afternoon, when it turned and charged at officers. This after police chased the bear through a neighborhood where residents say it went after some children in a field.

According to police an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot and wounded the bear to keep it from attacking the children before police arrived. Officer Gordon Goldston said, "it was obvious it was aggressive we were afraid the situation was sprawling out of control and was afraid someone else would cross paths with it."

Police officers and the division of wildlife are looking for the bear's mother and another cub reportedly seen in the area. This is at least the second bear sighting in the Springs Saturday. Another bear was seen sleeping in a tree in the area of 24th and Willimette.