911 Calls Reveal Scary Moments for Employees, Residents near Drake Power Plant

Emergency calls from people inside the Drake Power Plant as they were evacuating are giving a glimpse into just how scary the situation was.

During the calls from evacuating employees, you can hear the fire alarms going off in the background.

Caller: "We need the fire department at the Martin Drake Power Plant."
Operator: "Ok and Aaron tell me exactly what happened."
Caller: "We're evacuating right now. I'm not sure. I got to get out. I'll call you from the car."
Operator: ". Ok but tell me exactly what happened. What is going on?" Caller: "I don't know, I gotta go."
Operator: "Sir."
Caller: "I'll call you right back."

Callers living near the plant were also reporting a loud explosion and flames and smoke coming from the building.

There's no word on when the power plant will be up and running again.

Investigators say the fire was started when a lubricant in the coal plant came into contact with hot steam pipes.