Playground Incident At Academy Endeavour Elementary

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District 20 tells 11 News that they are investigating an incident at one of their elementary schools. Below is a statement D-20 released to 11 News.

Three fourth grade students and a staff member at Academy Endeavour Elementary School in Academy School District 20 are being disciplined for an incident involving a fourth grade boy. The incident on the school’s playground occurred Wednesday, April 14.

An investigation by the school administration found that during a morning recess, three students dug a hole in the playground sand and attempted to force another fourth grader into the hole. The boy reported that incident to a staff member. Later in the day, two students held the boy in the hole and threw dirt on him. Students on the playground reported what was happening to the playground monitors.

The monitors responded to protect the student and to report the other students for disciplinary measures. At the time, the child did not appear to be injured and he did not receive medical attention at the school.
Disciplinary actions are confidential.

These incidents are very serious and the school administrators have been in contact with the child’s family. District security officials discussed the incident with police representatives and the child’s parent.