Rescued Horses Go Up For Adoption

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19 Horses that were near death are now strong and healthy again.
Animal Services in Pueblo rescued the malnourished horses from a Pueblo County home in June.

Animal Services Director, Donna Straub says, they tried working with the owner of the horses for several months but the horses conditions only grew worse.

The owner, Valerie Harris was charged with 17 counts of cruelty to animals.

Now, all 19 horses have plenty of grass and hay to eat.

One of the horses was in desperate shape during her pregnancy.

Straub says, they seem to be the luckiest pair.

Straub says, "We weren't sure we were going to have a live baby."

But he was born alive and as cute as ever.

"All the employees would like to keep him but we can't have a horse as a mascot", says Straub.

It took only 6 weeks and $8,000 worth of food and medical care to fatten them all back up.

Straub says some of the horses scored only about a one and a half, meaning many of them should have died.

"We're seeing more and more horse cases", says Straub.

She says there are two reasons for that.

One, the horse market is suffering.

And two, horses are expensive.

The former owner of the 19 horses had a total of 70 before some were taken.

Only the ones in ghastly shape were removed.

"We really want good homes for these animals", says Straub.

Which is why a silent bidding/adoption is happening on August 11Th and 12Th.

Anyone can view the horses on both Saturday and Sunday between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

The horses will be shown at the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo.

Guests should enter through Entrance 8.

Bidding will close at 6:00pm on Tuesday August 14Th.

There is a minimum bid of $100 for single horses and $150 for mares with foals.