90 Soldiers Return From Afghanistan

It was the moment they've been waiting for these last several months, and it finally arrived Tuesday night.

Ninety soldiers with the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division returned from Afghanistan.

As soon as the troops were released from formation, pandemonium erupted in the Special Events Center at Fort Carson. Parents and children--on both sides of the homecoming--spouses and significant others, ran towards one another and embraced.

"It's been really hard, it's a hard experience to to live on your own and only get to talk to him every once in a while," Courtney Fish said. "It's just different not having him around."

One family told 11 News that they put Christmas on hold until Mom returned home.

"I have shopping to do, lots of shopping," Sgt. 1st Class Danielle Vaccaro said, surrounded by her beaming family.

"Sleep in the same bed!" Vaccaro's youngest child piped in when the soldier was asked what her family was going to do first.

Her oldest, Paiton, couldn't stop crying when she saw her mom for the first time in months.

"I just couldn't hold my tears in, I've been holding them in for, like, six months!"

She told 11 News the separation was hard, and she couldn't believe it when her mother walked in.

The soldiers arrived in Afghanistan in June and worked with the command responsible for security in the southern region. The 4th ID has been in the process of adjusting the size of its presence there due to the Afghan National Security Forces taking over leadership of security operations.