Assigned Seating

The state's booster seat law is already in effect. Parents must strap their kids in or pay the price.

The new law penalizes adults $60 in fines if a child, between the ages of 4 and 6 and under 4 ft. 7 in., aren't secured in a booster seat. It's an extension of a law passed a year ago. Law enforcement can ticket a driver if they see kids without seatbelts or improperly buckled in.

But Sgt. Tony Rasnake of the Colorado State Patrol says it's not the cost of a fine parents should worry about it... it's the child's life.

"If the seatbelt is worn improperly, there's a chance that could injure them."

Parents are encouraged to read the instructions closely and take the time to make sure its secure in the car. If there are any questions, they can contact the police or the state patrol for advice on how to use seats the right way.