Anti-Malaria Drug to Blame?

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Attorneys may blame an anti-malaria drug for the actions of U.S. soldiers charged with shoving Iraqi civilians into a river. One of them died.

Sergeant First Class Tracy Perkins, First Lieutenant Jack Saville and Sergeant Reggie Martinez are charged with involuntary manslaughter.
Specialist Terry Bowman is charged with assault for allegedly pushing a second man, who survived.

A hearing for Perkins, Martinez and Bowman is set for Wednesday. Saville's hearing hasn't been scheduled.

The drug Lariam was given to U.S. troops who went to Iraq. A cowardice charge was previously dropped against a Special
Forces interrogator who said Lariam caused physical and
psychological problems.

The soldiers now facing charges are all assigned to the Third Brigade Combat Team based at Fort Carson.
The brigade is part of the Fourth Infantry Division based at
Fort Hood, Texas.