Fort Carson Hearing

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Three Fort Carson soldiers were back in court Thursday for a hearing to determine if they will each face a court martial. All are accused of pushing two Iraqi civilians into the Tigris River in Iraq. Family members claim one of the men died.

Sergeant First Class Tracy Perkins and Sergeant Reggie Martinez face several charges, including involuntary manslaughter. Specialist Terry Bowman faces a charge of assault.

Testimony in Day 2 focused on the psychological effects of the anti-malaria drug, Larium. Steven Robinson is with the National Gulf War Research Center. He testified over the phone from Virginia. He says, according to studies, about 30-percent of people who take Larium are affected by it, with symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, even rage and suicidal tendencies. But Robinson did concede to the government that to his knowledge, none of the three accused soldiers have been tested for larium toxicity.

Also Thursday, two more soldiers who were out on patrol that night in January testified that they saw both Iraqi detainees alive on the side of the river bank when the convoy drove away.

That’s despite videotaped scenes of a body---allegedly that of the Iraqi who died in the incident. The tape was shown during the hearing Thursday. It came from the man’s family.

Another soldier, a sergeant who was the Bradley driver for SFC Perkins testified that he heard the sergeant say, ‘Someone is going to get wet tonight.’ He also said that wasn't the first time he's heard that. But when government lawyers asked him to explain, he was told to talk to an attorney.

SFC Perkins is accused in a second incident of assault on or about December 8th.