Kobe Bryant Case

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Eagle County officials have again mistakenly released material in the Kobe Bryant case that was supposed to remain sealed.

The latest information was posted today on a court Web site and involved D-N-A evidence in the rape case. It says swabs taken from Bryant during a hospital exam found D-N-A from him and his accuser, but not from an unidentified person whose D-N-A was found in other evidence.

Transcripts from a closed-door hearing were mistakenly e-mailed to several media organizations in June. The hearing dealt with attempts by Bryant's lawyers to introduce evidence of his accuser's sexual history.

The district judge in the case ordered the media not to publish the transcripts. The media say that's prior restraint of the press
and unconstitutional -- and have appealed to the U-S Supreme Court.
Bryant has said that sex with a 20-year-old woman at a Vail-area
resort last summer was consensual. His trial is set for August