Phony Checks Circulated

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Pueblo Police officers are on the lookout for fake payroll checks that look like they’re from Pueblo Community College. So far, four of the phony checks have been cashed at businesses in the Arkansas Valley area.

The PCC finance office warns people to be careful before accepting one of those checks. Controller Colleen Armstrong says, most of the school’s payroll is handled through direct-deposit. "They shouldn't be getting payroll checks from Pueblo Community College. If they do---on occasion we do cut them---it would be from the State of Colorado and have a seal on it,” says Armstrong.

Armstrong says all four of the phony checks are the same. They are written for $353.15 and are written to someone named Raymond Limbrick.

If you have any information about these phony checks, you’re urged to call Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP in Pueblo, or in Colorado Springs at 634-STOP.