Hanson Murder Investigation

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El Paso County Sheriff Anderson believes Michael Baldwin should face two murder charges, one for Amanda Hanson, and another for her unborn child.

He wants Colorado to pass legislation that would allow law enforcement to file murder charges in violent crimes like this one.

Sheriff Anderson says, "It was a particularly violent murder. One that was senseless. One that showed significant violence, pure evil and pure hatred.

Sheriff Anderson is talking to legislators in both the house and senate about trying to pass a law here in Colorado investigators know the unborn child would have been a boy.

Baldwin's roommate, 18-year-old Michael Stokes, and his ex-girlfriend, are also in custody.

They both face charges of accessory to murder. Investigators have discovered a murdered teen-ager was four months pregnant at the time of her death, just a child herself.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Hanson would have been a freshman this year at Coronado High School Aug. 20. Hikers discovered her battered body near a trail on Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs.

Her boyfriend, 21-year-old Michael Baldwin, is the prime suspect. He was arrested in Farmington, New Mexico, and was just extradited to El Paso County to face a charge of first-degree murder.

But some say that charge is not enough since both Amanda and her unborn child were killed.