Pueblo County Fair Time!

blue ribbon... like you win at the fair
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Pueblo County’s annual County Fair is going on this week at the State Fairgrounds. Admission is free. But last year, only about 4,000 people attended the event. That could be because Pueblo County Fair doesn't have entertainment, vendors and rides, like most fairs. Instead, it focuses on education.

Pueblo County 4-H kids showcase their work at the fair. Devon Bottini, age 11, raises sheep. She has four of them to show. "I get nervous, but I'm really excited because you get to see how the judge likes your animals," she says.

And that's a challenge in itself. "Every year they have to second-guess the judge and say, ‘What's he going to like? How should I raise this animal? How should I feed this animal?" says Pueblo County 4-H Coordinator Carol Kuhns.

Today is Show Day, and 12-year old Jessica Hartman gives her sheep a last minute haircut before it goes into the ring. "4-H has taught me a lot of responsibility. It's also taught me about different animals."

Each child develops a bond with their animal. But they also know they’ll have to sell them at the end of the fair. Then they start all over again. Some of the kids are already lining up animals for next year.

In hopes of boosting attendance this year, the Pueblo County Fair has moved it’s annual livestock sale from Monday to Saturday. And the final day of the fair is Sunday.

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