Gay Marriage Demonstration

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Same-sex couples showed up at the Pueblo County Courthouse on Thursday, hoping to tie the knot. This comes one day after U.S. Senators killed a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Five gay and lesbian couples asked the Pueblo County Clerk's office for marriage licenses. But since same-sex marriages are not allowed in Colorado, those requests were denied. "We knew we were going to get denied. But we came down here to make a statement," said Danielle Naylor.

Protestors from the other side of the issue were also at the courthouse to make their feelings known. "The Bible says it's wrong. Homosexuality is not a matter of birth or civil rights. It's a matter of choice and a matter of sin," says Lynn Robertson.

Expect this scene to be repeated on Friday in Colorado Springs when several gay and lesbian couples also plan to apply for marriage licenses. Then on Sunday, about 50 same-sex couples plan to hold a symbolic marriage ceremony in Acacia Park.