Monument WalMart Controversy

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Another WalMart store could be on its way to the town of Monument. But is it a shopper's dream, or a community's nightmare?

First and foremost, it's the issue of the store's proposed location that has residents so upset.

The 200,000 square foot Supercenter is slated for a plot of land near the town, but not close enough for the money to flow into Monument.

Dale Turner is with the Coalition of Tri-Lakes Communities, which opposes the building of the WalMart store in the proposed location. He says it would cause traffic problems, pollution and bring home values down. Not to mention, he says, the impact on the revenue for nearby businesses.

But, WalMart officials say the new store can only help the community. For example, says one WalMart representative, a variety of road improvements will be possible if the project goes through.

Opponents say the store should be built in another area, a commercial site about a quarter mile up the road. Turner says, "for us, this would be a better location because it's closer to all the residential growth and all the growth that's still occurring."

In the meantime, the El Paso County Commissioners are working to make a decision on the issue. They expect to do so on Thursday The town of Monument is looking to annex the land in hopes of reaping the tax revenue. That is set to be the topic of a discussion later Monday afternoon.