Pueblo Meals on Wheels Cutting Back

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Volunteers deliver two meals a day, one hot and one cold, seven days a week. But, that's slated to change soon.

The Senior Resource Development Agency, or SRDA announced Monday, meals will no longer be delivered on weekends. Additionally, three of their lunch sites will also close.

SRDA says they are being forced to cut back on their services because of a cut in government funding. Unfortunately, the agency isn't able to raise enough money on it's own to keep the weekend meals coming.

An average of 150 seniors usually receive meals from SRDA every weekend. That costs about 11,000 per month.

Dimple Todhunter says she counts on the Meals on Wheels program so she can eat each week, and for some social contact, "They say have a nice day and i tell them I am having a nice day. I have a hot meal delivered to me and it means a great deal to me," she says. Todhunter says she eats the hot meal right away, and saves the cold one for dinner.

She admits it will be tough when the program parks its wheels on the weekends, "It's the hardest time of the whole week. That's the hardest time to be alone. No help. No nothing. Just someone coming bringing a hot meal, it just keeps me going," says the 94 year old Todhunter. And its a lifestyle of balanced meals for which she credits her longevity.

The Meals on Wheels weekend kitchen will close August 1st. In the meantime, the SRDA is trying to raise $150,000 to cover the annual cost of running the program.

The Colorado Springs Meals on Wheels program already does not offer service on weekends. But, they do offer to deliver frozen meals on Fridays upon request. Those can be heated up an eaten on the days meals aren't delivered.