Trampoline Safety

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One Colorado Springs family learned that trampolines are a great source of summertime fun. But often, kids can get seriously hurt.

The Preisser family has had a trampoline for many years. "It's supposed to be safe because it's built into the ground and that's why my Mom said that the only reason we were allowed to get it because it's built into the ground," says Taylor Lane.

But one day while jumping with a friend, Taylor was hurt. "I did a front flip and I over rotated it and I hit my chin on the bar," she says.

"I heard this blood-curdling scream and she comes running in the house. Taylor had blood everywhere and her teeth were falling out one by one," says her mother, Kerri Preisser.

Four of Taylor’s front teeth are now held in place by splint. And she faces thousands of dollars of reconstructive dental work. "It's something that may follow her the rest of her life,” says Preisser.

Consumer experts say an estimated 100,000 kids are hurt on trampolines every year. But Colorado Springs Fire Department officials say trampolines don't necessarily have to be dangerous. "I know they can be really good exercise and I know people really do enjoy them and they can be used safely," says paramedic Mary Ann Koch.

But after this experience, the Priesser family is now considering getting rid of their trampoline. "I do plan to take it out of the yard. My older daughter is not so sure about it. Still, I think it's the better idea," says Kerri Priesser. "I probably won't jump on them because I'm pretty scared," says Taylor.

Experts say nets and padding around the outside can greatly improve the safety of trampolines. They also say only one person should be on the trampoline at a time, and children should not be allowed to do somersaults.