Investigators Look at Class Ring for Clues

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No solid leads and just a few clues. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is still trying to figure out whose body was found just outside the Fountain city limits on Sunday.

The sheriff's office did release some pictures of the African-American woman's jewelry and her tattoo. But so far, only a few calls have trickled into investigators. And they say none are considered strong leads in the case.

"It's kind of a surprise to have something like this happen in the community. It's not something you'd expect. We feel bad for the victim's family," says resident Mike Burns.

But that's the problem. Investigators say the woman’s family probably doesn't know about the death because her body hasn't been identified. "She could be from anywhere," says Lt. Clif Northam.

He says that's why investigators released pictures of the woman's two watches and the rings she was wearing. That includes a high school class ring. But Lt. Northam doesn't believe the ring is hers.

Investigators think the woman is in her 30s, but the ring is from the Class of 2002. It's also possibly from a school that’s outside Colorado. “It does have the name ‘Frisco.’ That might be in Texas."

There's also a picture of a tattoo that's on the woman’s right upper leg. "It's a mystery, but we intend to solve it. We intend to find out who this person is. We owe it to her," says Lt. Northam.

Lt. Northam also says investigators are checking missing person reports in different jurisdictions. But he says it's a long process.

If you know who this woman may be, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP in Pueblo.