Abandoned Baby Deaths

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Just this morning, a 3-year-old boy was found in Civic Center Park in Denver. He was taken to Children's Hospital, but died a short time later. The case is now being investigated as one of child abuse resulting in death.

Just last night, police found the body of a baby in a shed behind a northwest Denver home. Neighbors say the property owner found the body wrapped in a blanket while cleaning the shed. The home's tenants had moved out recently.

Two other newborns have also been found dead in the past two weeks, one in a dumpster, the other in a sports bar trash can.

In an effort to prevent tragedies like this, a child care center called KPC Kids' Place is applying for a license that would allow the facility to care for younger infants. Right now, the organization can only care for children six weeks and older. KPC Kids' Place offers a place for stressed out parents to bring their children when they need a break.

Parents also have the option of dropping of their newborn at a fire station, within 72 hours of birth.

If you'd like more information on KPC Kids' Place, call 634-5439.