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The Army has given non-judicial punishments to three Fort Carson commanders linked to the drowning of an Iraqi civilian.

Captain Matthew Cunningham, Major Robert Gwinner and Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Sassaman were punished under Article 15 for

conspiring to impede a homicide investigation.

Article 15 allows punishments without a court proceeding or public record. The punishments weren't disclosed, but there were no criminal convictions and there will be no prison time.

Last week, the military said three other Fort Carson soldiers were charged with involuntary manslaughter in the January Third drowning of 19-year-old Iraqi detainee Zaidoun Fadel Hassoun in the Tigris River.

A fourth soldier is charged with pushing a second man, who survived.

All of the soldiers are from the Third Brigade Combat Team based at Fort Carson.

The Article 15 punishments were handed down this spring by Major General Raymond Odierno. He's a former commander of the Fourth
Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, which includes the brigade.