Deployment Orders

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About 7,000 Fort Carson Soldiers will deploy to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility to support on-going operations in the Middle East.

United States Forces Command has issued orders to the following units:

-3d Armored Cavalry Regiment

-571st Medical Company (Air Ambulance)

-Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 43rd Area Support Group

-Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment, 68th Corps Support Battalion (belongs to 43rd ASG)

-183rd Ordnance Company, Maintenance (belongs to 43rd ASG)

-360th Transportation Company (belongs to 43rd ASG)

-2nd Transportation Company

-2nd Medical Team

-59th Quarter Master Company

The United States is repositioning some of its military forces where required to prepare for and support the President’s campaign against terrorism and to support efforts to identify, locate, and hold accountable terrorists and those who support and harbor them.

For security reasons, specific numbers of troops deploying and deployment destinations will not be announced at this time. The units are expected to deploy over the next three to eight months.

Redeployment for about 15,000 Fort Carson soldiers was completed in May following yearlong deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.