New Leadership for 43rd Area Support Group

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A new commander is in charge of the 43rd Area Support Group at Fort Carson. The change of command comes one day after the 43ASG received its new deployment orders. And many of the soldiers attending Thursday’s ceremony could be leaving by early fall.

They'll join 600 soldiers from the 43ASG who are already in Kuwait and Iraq. This latest deployment could be as early as 90 days away. And one thing’s for sure this is the group’s second trip to the Middle East in just a short period of time.

"I wish I was staying. Absolutely." Colonel Sharon Duffy is leaving Fort Carson, and her soldiers, just as another deployment looms. "People understand what the nation needs us to do, the families and the soldiers."

She says her soldiers are ready, and better trained, the second time around. That’s thanks to new training classes that are based on experiences on the battlefield during the last year and a half. "Improvised explosive devices---there were classes on how to recognize them," says COL Duffy.

Fort Carson officials won't say where the soldiers are headed. But they do confirm that it will be in the Middle East, which could include Iraq or Afghanistan.

"Mixed emotions, obviously." Colonel Scott Lang took over command of the 43ASG just about a month after he returned from duty in Iraq. "The separation from family is tough.” But he says, as a soldier and a commander, he couldn't be more proud. "With a third there, your time will come up, maybe more quickly than you want. It's up to me. Let me go first," he says.

Fort Carson officials say most of the soldiers who will deploy with the 43ASG have been home for about a year now. COL Duffy says so far, about 900 soldiers in seven units of the 43ASG will deploy.