Fireworks Fears

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Fireworks terrify most animals, especially dogs. They run away from the loud noise, while cats tend to just hide from it.

That's why officials at the Humane Society say the day after the Fourth of July is a busy one for them. Officers say they found 23 animals out wandering around Monday night. Donna Straub, the operations director at Human Society says, "Fourth of July is one of our busiest holidays. And the day after we have so many people coming in looking for thier lost pets, mainly dogs, but also cats."

On Tuesday, many pet owners were out looking for their lost loved ones. Connie Bible's three year old siberian huskie, Gunner, ran away early this morning after she says, her neighbors were setting off left over fireworks. She says she's sure the noise scared him away, because on Monday night, she says, "he wouldn't even go out last night around 10:30 or 11:00 like we always do. We couldn't get him out the door."

Yolanda Salas lost her dog too. She has been searching for her nine year old german shepard, Sierra, who disappeared nearly a week ago, "she's part of my family and she's lost because of fireworks," says Salas. She says that's the first day she recalls hearing the fireworks.

Both owners say they will continue to search for their dogs until they find them.

In the meantime, experts recommend, if you hear fireworks again in the next few days leave your dog inside, and turn on the television or the radio to drown out the noise.