Cattle Drive Down Tejon

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Colorado Springs residents had a flashback to the Old Wild West on Friday. At high noon, about 70 Texas Longhorn cattle traveled right through the heart of the downtown.

The “Ride for the Brand” Cattle Drive and Rodeo is this weekend at the Penrose Equestrian Center. And as a way to wrangle up more publicity, the cowboys herded the cattle right down Tejon Street, from Cache la Poudre to the Pioneer’s Museum.

"We're out to prove that ‘Cowboys’ are still out there. We're not the rodeo athletes. We're the guys that are out working on the ranch day after day---taking care of these animals," says Rodeo host Waddie Mitchell.

The “Ride for the Brand” Rodeo begins at 6:00 Saturday night at the Penrose Equestrian Center in Colorado Springs.