Four Fort Carson Soldiers Charged

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Four soldiers from Fort Carson face charges for the death of an Iraqi prisoner, Lt. Col. Jonathan Withington confirmed Thursday.

An unknown number of Iraqi prisoners, who were reportedly in U.S. custody, fell from a bridge into the Tigris River.

One of them died.

First Lt. Jack Saville and Sgt. 1st Class Tracy Perkins were charged with manslaughter, assault, conspiracy and obstruction of justice.,

Sgt. Reggie Martinez was charged with manslaughter, and Spc. Terry Bowman was charged with assault

All four soldiers were also charged with making false official statements to cover up the death.

The four are from the 3rd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, which returned to Fort Carson from Iraq in April after a one-year deployment.

The soldiers were part of a patrol that detained two Iraqi men for a late-night curfew violation, then ordered them to jump off a bridge into the Tigris River.

One was able to swim to shore, but the other drowned, according to witness accounts, including that of the survivor.

An Article 32 evidentiary hearing is scheduled for Thursday at Fort Carson.

The Army denied as recently as May 24 that anyone had been killed in the incident, based on its questioning of the soldiers, but accounts by other witnesses prompted the charges.

Three soldiers have been granted immunity in exchange for their testimony.

This is the second case of alleged prisoner abuse involving soldiers from Fort Carson. The Denver Post will have more on both cases in Friday's editions.