Fireworks Sales

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The fourth of July is big business for some local merchants right now in southern Colorado. Some are doing so much business in the days before the holiday, they're running out of fireworks as quickly as they can stock their shelves.

Because of recent rain, the fire danger along the front range has been lowered from high to normal. That's good for the fireworks business.

Shoppers at Affordable Flags and Fireworks in Colorado Springs are spending anywhere between 10 and 150 dollars for the holiday. And owners say the busiest days are still to come.

Most fire crackers are illegal, and lighting fireworks of any kind within city limits is also illegal. But that doesn't stop many from celebrating anyway. The bad news, it may mean a fine of up to $500 and a possible 90 days in jail for lighting the fireworks in Colorado Springs.

Outside city limits, with the fire risks currently low, fireworks are okay.

But, officials do urge consumers to do some homework before the big day, "be aware in your municipality. each has different rules and requirements about what's allowed and what's not in your area...and be safe," says Kay Yeager a HAZMAT specialist with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

If you don't want to risk getting fined, there are alternatives to having your own display this year. Both Memorial Park and Sky Sox Stadium will put on public fireworks displays. Events are schduled to begin at 7:00pm Sunday.