Soldiers Return Home

A Soldier with the 39th Brigade Combat Team eyes his scope for enemy elements while helping to guard the Al Muthana Bridge during its reopening ceremony on Saturday. Coalition Forces worked in conjunction with the ICDC to secure the bridge during it
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Fort Carson soldiers who trained the Iraqi Army, are back home. They arrived home on the same day Iraqi soldiers raised their flag to symbolize their new sovereignty.

The soldiers, all from the 2nd Brigade, 91st Division, spent 4 months in Iraq. They left just as the handover of power began.

In a small homecoming ceremony, much different from past homecomings, family and friends welcomed the ten soldiers home.

The soldiers say the Iraqis did well in training as they prepared to protect their new, free country. They say the hope is, a good military will ensure the success of the new government. One soldiers tells 11 News abou their mission, "our ten man team was assigned to train an iraqi battalion of 691 Iraqi troops."

This U.S. unit says it gained a new respect for the arab culture and the Iraqi soldiers dedicated to a free homeland, "working with iraqis was just great. they were eager to have us there eager to hear what we had to say they absorbed the training, everything we did."

The soldiers say they had to use interpreters to get past the language barrier. But all the challenges were well worth watching the Iraqi troops become an operational army right in front of their eyes.