Child Pornography Charges

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Fomer KCSJ news director is charged with having child pornography on his computer. Jack Selway faces charges of sexual exploitation of a child after an investigation by the internet crimes against children task force.

A special agent in Denver discovered that Selway had been downloading illegal images onto his computer. The agent contacted the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. Deputies seized three of Selway's home computers.

Selway admits to having the pictures, and says he made a terrible mistake, and he's ready to face the consequences. He adds, he's changed his life for the better he says, "it took getting caught at something terribly wrong and destructive to absolutely have a miracle in my life to change it."

Now, Selway considers himself a new man. He says he goes to church regularly and gets pastoral counseling. Another change Selways says he's made, is not spending endless hours on his office computer. In fact, he can't use the computer, unless his wife is home.

Selways says he spends his time now, with friends and family, "I'm grateful for all the friends of mine, who stuck by me trhough this. I have not hid it from anyone and I'm ready to face the consequences for what I've done."

The Pueblo County District Attorney will not not comment on this case, until Selway makes his first court appearance. That's scheduled for August 18th.