Broadmoor Water Questions

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In the midst of a water crisis, the Broadmoor Resort reportedly used about 200,000 gallons of potable water a day for its golf courses during the month of July. But on Monday, Colorado Springs Utilities officials say they stopped the flow.

It all stems back to a 1973 contract. There was some question as to whether this contract required the city to provide extra water to the Broadmoor, so the city did that. But after reviewing the contract, the city has now changed its mind and has shut off the extra water.

11 News spoke with utility company's chief executive officer, Phil Tollefson about this water dilemma. He says it took only about ten days for the company to figure out whether it was obligated to supply the Broadmoor with additional water. During those ten days, the Broadmoor was using about 200,000 gallons of potable water a day for its golf courses. The resort was also paying a cheaper price for the water than the standard rate for potable

Phil Tollefson did acknowledge that the Broadmoor has been implementing ways to cut back on water. And the Broadmoor says it has been using 40-50 percent less water compared to last year, and it does try to use non-potable water whenever possible.